A Book Review: The Ultimate Stranger The Autistic Child

The Ultimate Stranger The Autistic Child

Carl Delacato EdD Academic Therapy Publications, 1974

In the 1930s and 1940s Dr. Temple Fay gathered some younger professionals to form the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potentials in Philadelphia: Dr. Robert Doman (physiatrist) and Glenn Doman (physical therapist) as well as Dr. Carl Delacato (educator). Early on Delacato spent much of his time researching and working with children who had reading and speech difficulties resulting in a number of books. At some point he was asked to turn his work over to others and to move on to another challenge. He began to explore the autistic child and his needs. These men all shared a keen sense of observation and the inability to rest until solutions were found.

In The Ultimate Stranger, Delacato introduces us to the autistic child and gives a history of what we know about autism.

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The Princeton Field Guide To Dinosaurs - An Excellent Reference Book

Book Review - The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Gregory S. Paul

We had known about the launch of this book for sometime, after all, it came out last year and I recall reading the review out of Prehistoric Times magazine to colleagues at one of our Friday afternoon meetings, but nobody took the hint and purchased it. However, after having contacted the author on a technical issue concerning the anatomy of Spinosaurids I decided that enough was enough and I have bought it, using the excuse of an "early Christmas present to myself".

For those not yet acquainted with the work and illustrations of Gregory S. Paul, let me quickly put you in the picture before providing a brief review of this offering. Gregory S. Paul is a world renowned illustrator of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.